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WFM Labs Operations Volatility Index

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Experiencing volatility in your contact center operations?

About Operations Volatility Index 

Share Your O-VIX:

WFMLabs has established the Operations Volatility Index (O-VIX) incorporating real-time data. The O-VIX is a unique tool designed to help contact centers gain insights into the potential risks that real-time environmental situations pose to their operations. By assessing various factors, including news, finance, utilities, weather, travel, and disasters, the O-VIX quantifies the level of risk (ranging from 0 to 10) that may impact both the supply and demand sides of contact center operations. The O-VIX aggregates these risks to provide an overall score, which is mapped to the predefined risk levels: Marginal Risk, Slight Risk, Enhanced Risk, Moderate Risk, and High Risk. Calculate Your O-VIX: Leverage the sliders to indicate how much risk the various categories are currently exposing your operations to. If a category does not impact your operations, you may leverage the toggle switch to exclude it from the calculation. You may also enable "Internal" factors impacting your specfic operation and weight it relative to the external factors. After calculating today's volatility, share it with the community! Please note that the O-VIX is an experimental index intended to raise awareness about the importance of situational awareness and the need for advanced strategies such as automation and simulation in workforce management organizations. It aims to foster a deeper understanding of how environmental factors can influence operational stability and drive informed decision-making. Utilize the O-VIX to enhance your situational awareness and proactively respond to potential disruptions in your contact center operations. To learn more, join the WFM Labs community!

Calculate Your O-VIX:

O-VIX can be used to enhance your incident management process.   Read more...

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